Jun 3, 2003

Fertility - About 20% of couples trying to get pregnant find out that they are unable due to infertility. If you have tried to have a baby for more than a year using unprotected intercourse you or your mate may be infertile. Pregnancy for most couple happens within 12 months for those who use no protection. In the data collected over the past twenty years infertility is shared 50/50 by male and female cases.

It is very important that during evaluation, to see if infertility is a problem, that both the man and woman are considered. The longer a couple remains infertile, the slimmer the chances are of a cure. Many people become concerned after a few ill attempts at becoming pregnant and this in not necessary. As I stated above, testing for infertility should only be sought after 12 months of sub-fertile efforts.

Fertility issues have largely been confused as a female problem when 50% of the infertility problems are male. In a man the quantity or quality of semen is the main area of concern. The Matters of Size program helps in sperm production through various massage exercises. Since sperm production happens in the scrotum of the penis by the testes the exercises you will learn will greatly improve this function resulting in a much bigger load.

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