Male Sexual Anatomy


Jun 3, 2003
"Male Sexual Anatomy"

Male Sexual Anatomy
Male Sexual Anatomy is made up of 7 major external parts being the penis, glans, corona, frenulum, foreskin, meatus and the scrotum.

Externally the penis is the long, fleshy shaft ending with the glans (head of the penis) A small, v-shaped piece of skin found at the underside of the shaft where the penis connects to the glans is the frenulum. The bell shaped area around the bottom of the glans circumference is the corona. For those who were not circumcised, the skin that covers your glans is called the foreskin. The meatus is the small opening at the tip of the glans that is used to urinate or ejaculate. The scrotum is the fleshy sack that hold the testes (balls).

Internally there are many different parts of the male sexual anatomy but I will concentrate on 3. The testes, corpa cavernosa and the prostate. The testes are the ovoid shaped, rubbery structures found in the scrotum. The function of the testes is sperm and testosterone production. The corpa cavernosa is the two spongy chambers found on both sides of the shaft. These are more evident during an erection. Their function is to hold blood during and erection (see erectile dysfunction). Lastly, the prostate is a gland responsible for semen production while also keeping urine and semen separate.

It is good to get a basic understanding of the males sexual anatomy as many of these terms will be used throughout theMatters of Size Penis Enlargement Program.

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