Mens Health


Jun 3, 2003
"Mens Health"

Mens Health
Mens Health is a very big part of making penis enlargement gains. As a matter of fact most men have up to 3 inches of penis hiding in their fat pad located at the base of the penis where it connects to the pelvic bone (see penis anatomy). When taking mens health into consideration through proper diet and exercise you can see that inches of new penis can appear with only changing your health. You can start out slow and your whole life does not need to change.

I followed a very basic routine and diet that helped me shed enough weight to add 1/2" of penis in a few short moths completely by loosing fat around my penis area. I added a daily 20 minute walk, I used this time to rest my mind, breath some fresh air work on mental health and become centered. The time flew by and when I was done with my walk I was ready for anything. Not only are these walks invigorating but they helped me shed 20 pounds of weight. I also adjusted my diet slightly. I knew if my diet changed too much I probably would not stick with it so I made small changes that has a huge impact.

First I eliminated soda from my diet and substituted fresh, mountain water (with a small amount of lemon water is quite refreshing) My eating habits needed better structure and believe it or not this meant eating more often. I used to eat one meal at night and then snack throughout the wee hours. What I did that helped give my diet more structure was I forced myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snack in between each meal and ate no food after 7:00 pm.

That is it, no special foods, I tried to stick with whole foods and stay away from fast foods and packaged things but there was plenty of other good stuff out there. I did not suffer in the least and I was able to drop pounds and gain some erect penis length. Imagine following this mens-health and diet plan and doing the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program...Your penis gains will skyrocket plus you'll look and feel great.
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