Prostate Health


Jun 3, 2003
"Prostate Health"

Prostate Health
Prostate Health problems stem from genetic, hormonal and dietary factors. When it comes to Prostate health problems, choosing specific prostate nutrition over agressive treatments might be the best to ensure prostate health.

Essential fatty acids are critical to prostate health. By increasing the right fats - from nuts, seeds and oils - you can improve your Prostate Health. The best initial medicine for Prostate Health may be the essential fats, and avoidance of the non-essential, harmful fats from margarine, vegetable shortnings, fried foods and processed vegetable oils.

The increase in trans-fat consumption over the past decades is correlated with poor Prostate Health. In addition, you've been told that men who eat red meat have the greatest risk for prostate cancer and poor prostate health.

That's just part of the story...because what's missing is recognition of the role the essential fatty acids play in balancing and regulating saturated fats and Prostate Health.

Prostate Health problems can occur at any time in life, but the most common Prostate Health problems, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) primarily affects men over 50 years of age. By age 50, 30% of men have it. By 60 years, 50% get it. By the time they reach 70, over 80% of men have BPH. It's estimated that 20% of BPH
Prostate Health cases develop into cancer

Rectal exams yearly should be done over the age of forty as well as annual PSA after 50. The symptoms to look for are
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