Small Penis


Jun 3, 2003
"Small Penis"

Small Penis
Small Penis - What is a small penis? (see average penis size) By the false standards of the internet one would think a 5 inches erection was a small penis but would you believe that 90% of the male population is at or around this size? So it would seem that 5" would be more an average penis size than anything else. So what about these 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 hell 18 inch penises you read about online? Most of these really don't exist. An 8" penis by any standard MASSIVE...look at 8" on a ruler, really see how big this is. A 9 or 10 inch penisis more rare than a 4" penis, in all of my time doing Penis Enlargement I have come across a handful of men who truly possess this enormous size, all of whom gained their size through natural penis enlargement.

So what is a small penis really? Considering the possibilities of Natural Penis Enlargement does it even matter? If I was able to gain over 4" in length and almost 2" in girth anyone can. So if you are starting at 3" in length then 7" is a real possibility. If you are starting with 4" in girth then 6" is a real possibility. If you are willing to follow this program and remain diligent and committed I promise you size beyond your dreams. A small penis does not exist on Matters of Size, I guess you can say all of the penises here are works in progress.

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