Jun 3, 2003

Visualization - Is belief important to making gains? YES! Belief is closely related to confidence and sometimes we need to pretend or act like we believe in order to eventually truly believe. I really think that most people who do not gain have a underlying doubt that penis enlargement does not work, that people who gain are the chosen few and they are somehow different then these people, and that penis enlargement is generally hogwash. I find this attitude is the countless messages I get from those who struggle. They tell me that they have this incredible workout, and it usually is, but they just don't think they can gain. It is so easy to set ourselves up to fail. If I approach sex, plagued with thoughts that I may not be able to get it up, I usually have problems. I have always found it so easy to fail and so difficult to succeed. I have had enough experience in life that I know positive pre-belief is paramount to being successful. So how should someone approach penis enlargement and believe they will gain? It starts with realizing that the penis is a penis is a penis. Virtually a bag of flesh, blood and tissue not much different than your ears (see penis anatomy). I do not believe genetics plays any role in making gains even though is may play a role in individual size pre-penis enlargement. The first thing men need to practice is the belief that their penis is just like every other penis out there. Negativity is excuses we put in our way to set ourselves up to fail. I really do not think there is any real difference from penis to penis and it is important for you guys to believe the same way. Even if you do not believe, pretend to and it will eventually stick.

The next area or step in belief is visualization. Visualize is another over used word that needs to be explored and clearly defined. I think giving my own background in visualization may be the easiest to define this. I have a belief, whether you think it is true or not I DON'T CARE, but it is a strong belief for me. 95% of the men in the world are born with an average penis size. I think that the average penis scale is anywhere from 5 to 7 inches in length . Anything beyond or below this scale is rare. The many people we see online that are bigger than the scale are not the few exception but in fact the men that actually use penis enlargement. The world finds it difficult to think that men actually know and practice penis enlargement. Why is this so hard to believe? A number of reasons come to mind right off the bat; self insecurity, the popular media and their continuous denial of natural penis enlargement, the plastic surgery profession and their hopes to keep men interested in Penis Enlargement Surgery. All these things contribute to our beliefs around penis enlargement and it's popularity. Another thing that happens is the men in porn closely guard this secret, the 1st thing they need or want is competition so it is imperative that they deny penis enlargement at all costs.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind the next step is finding a penis we want. Go online, GOOGLE yourself into a frenzy, find a picture of your ideal penis and make it happen. Keep in mind the penis you find is more than likely created by the subject and you too can do the same. Study the picture, try to imagine it before the guy did penis enlargement, imagine him going through the enlargement process, and empathize with it. Picture yourself going through these exact steps. Keep a mental picture of this penis and the process the subject went through, see this on a daily basis.
These techniques are very specialized and you will learn them with the Matters of Size Program, another reason we stand out from the competition.

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