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Thank you for joining Matters of Size. Whether you are new to penis enlargement or a seasoned veteran; you will find the perfect place to start. The design of the site is easy to navigate and organized. You will find that each page has buttons on the left for easy navigation. These buttons will help you quickly jump from page to page making information highly accessible. There are also menu bars at the top of each page making navigation a pleasure.

You will find a few familiar exercises here but the majority of the site is packed with new, never seen before penis enlargement exercises from my personal arsenal. All of the DLD signature exercises have been tested for maximum gain potential.

As you can see the program is in three phases. These phases are an exact mirror of my routine step by step throughout my entire PE career. If you are just starting out Phase One will be your starting point. Click a Phase One and you will enter that section of the site. You will find a sample routine on the home page for that Phase with clear concise instructions. You will also notice links to each of the exercises in the menu bar at the top of the page. From here you can access video, illustrations and audio for each exercise. I highly recommend you study every detail and fully understand before starting. Phase one will take 6 weeks. During these six weeks you will become familiar with basic, foundation building exercises. This phase is very important to a new comer and should not be skipped.

Phase 2 will start to introduce some advanced DLD signature moves. This is the Phase I think experienced users should start on. Again, Phase Two will be a progressive in its intensity. This is where you will start building on your initial gains from Phase One or jump-start your existing routine. You will feel right at home here, as the layout is consistent throughout the site. You will find the same familiar, easy to follow links explaining every detail in a text, video and pictorial format. Phase Two will last until you feel you can gain no more from it. For some this will be fairly quick for others it may take longer. There is no rush I followed this routine until I was at 9”.

Phase Three will bring you deeper into my hardcore exercises. This is the routine that brought me beyond the highly desired 9 x 6. Most of the exercise on Phase Three is done at a higher erection level utilizing specific techniques geared at maximizing each movement. This is the exact routine that was considered “The Secret Sauce.” It has brought many men beyond anything previously dreamed of, including myself. This is the routine that brought me to 12” x 7”. By this time you should be familiar with the easy navigation of the site. Everything is available in the same text, video and illustrated formats.

I have also included a tunica specific workout. I spend a lot of my time reading and studying the various opinions and theories on penis enlargement. Over the past few months I saw a growing demand for tunica exercise. In the wake of this demand I designed a complete routine that addresses the tunica specifically.

A Section of the site is dedicated to Peyronie’s Disease. You will find the Peyronie’s workout here plus many up to date studies and advances in this area. I work very closely with the gentleman on the testimonials page. As you can see he has made strides in bend correction and we continue to work together on development and exercise.

I have included my various studies in my own personal section. You will find my visualization techniques here, various size studies and other penis related information I have developed.

We can’t forget Sexy Jen. She has been a huge inspiration to me on my PE journey and has graced us with her own section. You will find the sexy pictures that she is famous for plus other Sexy Jen specific information.
I am sure by now you know this is not your typical website. I am constantly updating my home with new information and sections. So visit often. You will feel comfortable and secure as a member of Matter of Size. My reputation was build not only on my gains but also on my dedication to helping my friends grow in size and mind. I am 100% involved and constantly working on new innovations in the penis enlargement world.

Penis enlargement (PE) involves significant risk. You and only you are responsible for assuming that risk. Matters of Size and/or Doublelongdaddy (DLD) accept NO responsibility, make no warranties (expressed or implied), and will not be held liable for the safety or the effectiveness of exercises or products contained in the Matters of Size website. Buying a membership and/or use of any of these exercises or products constitutes
acceptance of these terms.

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