Foreskin Restoration


Jun 3, 2003
"Foreskin Restoration"

Foreskin Restoration
Foreskin Restoration methods can be 100% self-applied. Each person is entirely responsible for his own Foreskin Restoration process. Foreskin Restoration is safe, as long as the person respects their parameters. A good analogy to Foreskin Restoration would be the case of someone who takes up weight-training to develop their muscles (another instance of adaptable tissue, capable of development); they too would be entirely responsible for their own development process and would be advised to keep to the established parameters of safe weight-training, so as not to cause themselves harm.

Foreskin Restoration does not require the participation of a physician. However, should a man prefer to consult a physician and to be followed on a regular basis as he starts Foreskin Restoration, this is fine.

Foreskin restoration is not costly. Neither are the materials used to restore; for most of the methods, medical tape is all that is needed for successful Foreskin Restoration. The Matters of Size program will give you step by step instruction to Foreskin Restoration that is safe, easy and best of all free.

There are other methods of Foreskin Restoration besides the exercises on this site. There are a few Foreskin Restoration Systems available online and we will review these systems to help you become better advised on the Foreskin Restoration options. I have found that my Foreskin Restoration has happened virtually on it's own just by doing the Matters of Size exercises but I will go into other Foreskin Restoration options available to you.

The time required for a complete Foreskin Restoration varies. A complete Foreskin Restoration is when the person is satisfied with the amount of skin he has developed. For myself I have a slight amount of skin covering my glans (head) and I have not concentrated to much on Foreskin Restoration. For some of my students Foreskin Restoration is very important and I have shared other, quicker Foreskin Restoration options.
Matters of Size will cover all Foreskin Restoration options giving you the most educated methods available.

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