Penis Enlargement History


Jun 3, 2003
"Penis Enlargement History"

Penis Enlargement History
Penis Enlargement History - Throughout history, humankind has been fascinated by the penis, especially by large penises. Cave drawings from 440 BC show kings with huge penises blessing their towns. Different cultures around the world have erected giant penis statues, monuments and temples. In fact, archaeologists are constantly finding examples of art that feature leaders and Gods pictured with large penises. From this trend, we can conclude that there has been a high value placed on a large penis for as long as man has walked the earth.

Many Egyptian wall paintings feature Geb, their God of Creation, thrusting his immense penis into the sky. Geb is frequently portrayed with a grin from ear to ear, showing his pleasure. The Romans honored Priapus, often depicting him with an endless penis adorned with a red tip. He is usually shown holding his member in front of himself. King Dihythia of Senegal is often depicted sitting naked on a throne while dozens of women kneel before him, attempting to touch his gargantuan schlong. The women believed that they would be blessed by touching his huge member.

Men from all periods of history have gone to extreme and dangerous lengths to expand the size of their penises and the duration of their erections. From manually stretching the shaft to hanging weights on the tip and the scrotum to actually cutting a slit down the shaft, men have sacraficed safety and security for a chance to enlarge their penis.

Penis enlargement exercises, over time, have come to be called jelqing. Some observers say that jelqing originated in the Middle East where fathers would prepare their sons for sexual relationships by teaching them a penile massage technique (jelqing) which increased the size of the penis. Others say the word jelq is a corruption of the term "jerk-off" and was initiated by college students. Whatever the source of the word, "jelqing" has come to be the most common term for a number of natural penis enlargement exercises.

The jelq exercises - used to increase penis length and penis girth - can be time-consuming. Despite this, jelqing is the most popular natural penis enlargement technique in America.

The most comprehensive research into the effectiveness of jelqing was carried out in the late 1970's by Dr Brian Richards in the United Kingdom. His research was accepted for publication by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed positive results for 87 percent of the test group. The results from his study showed an increase in penis length of up to 1.4 inches and an increase in penis girth of up to 1 inch.

Jelqing workouts are based around a daily jelq session of around 20-30 minutes. The exercises usually start with a penis warm-up. The warm-up involves a warm bath or a towel soaked in warm water applied to the penis. The warm-up is to increase blood flow to the penis and prepare it for the jelq exercises. Once the warm-up is completed, the jelq techniques can be commenced. Some lubricant should be applied beforehand and the hand-grip should completely encircle the base of the penis thus ensuring that no blood escapes from the penis. The penis is then milked, moving towards the head and forcing the blood toward the end of the penis. 100-200 jelq movements is the average workout. The jelqing exercises should be stopped immediately if any pain becomes apparent or the penis becomes erect. Ejaculation should not be allowed to occur and if the urge becomes apparent then a pause from exercising is wothwhile. Likewise, jelqing should be ceased should any pain or discomfort become apparent. After several months, penis size increases, both in girth or length should become apparent. After a year, gains of several inches in length are not uncommon.

Please note that the above example of a jelqing workout is intended for overview purposes only. Men interested in the jelqing method of penis enlargement should review detailed instructions, background information, videos and pictures of the exercises before starting any jelqing exercise program.

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