Mental Health


Jun 3, 2003
"Mental Health"

Mental Health
Mental Health - You may be asking what mental health has to do with your penis and for good reason. Your mental state has so much to do with the gains you will make in penis enlargement. Starting with visualization and the ability to really picture, in your mind, what you want in the future will benefit you in your workouts. If you can see it, you can get it.

I spend a few minutes before each workout checking my mental-health. I go through mantras (repetitive positive phrases), I spend a few moments picturing my goals. I get my mind clear of all outside stimuli and focus exclusively on the workout that will ensue. I imagine each exercise and how it is making my penis larger and larger. By the time I actually start exercising my mental-health is precise, focused and positive. I have already seen myself going through the steps with a positive outcome and all I need to do at this point is train. This quick practice has enabled me to make gains beyond anyone in penis enlargement. Yes, the physical exercise is very important and making gains in penis size would be impossible without it but the psychological portion is equally important.

I have worked with men who have struggled so much in their penis enlargement, they tell me that they are doing the exercises but their gains do not reflect this. After a careful evaluation we discover that the exercise was not the problem it was their state of mental-health. I help these men change the way they think about their penis enlargement, we incorporate some of the methods I mention in the first paragraph and pretty soon they all are making incredible gains. Nothing really changed with the physical portion of their training but the mental-health portion was the key to their success.

Matters of Size will teach you these methods of successful mental-health, you will learn the many techniques I have developed that have made the difference for thousands of men.

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