Race and Penis Size


Jun 3, 2003
"Race and Penis Size"

Race and Penis Size
Race and Penis Size have seen more rumors than aliens landing on earth. One of the biggest questions I am asked by whites is "Are black men bigger than others races" I can only give my own experience with race and penis size and I have seen more penis than most urologists. I would say about 30% of my clientele is african american and the first question I hear from them is "I black but I am not huge, am I normal?"...So you can see there is allot of anxiety on both sides of the fence and everyone in some way has been a victim of race myths.

You will come across some huge white , black, yellow and red penis's and you will also see a fair share of less then average size of the same. In my experience there is no difference in average penis size from race to race. I think the media plays a huge part in keeping the myth alive through pornography but for the most part this is simply not true. You can find much more info on this and many other things on our Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Homepage.

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